An ode to my eyebrows

A rather blurry photo of my right eyebrow

I can’t say that I ever truly loved you

Until five years ago, because of you,

I hated looking into mirrors.

I learned, yes I did,

I learned to manipulate you

I made you the way I wanted you to be

Thin, straight and perfect.

You became pretty, arched, pointed

Two surprises on my face.

I had more plans for improving

My face. My nose, for instance

Too big, too curved, too embarrassing.

But I could fix you every month

With just a couple of bucks.

Oh there was pain, believe me.

Even more when I decided to

Pull out the hair above my lips.

No pain, no pretty eyebrows,

I told myself.

More pain, you wouldn’t have to

Hate your face so much.

I listened, oh I always did.

I got to college, I tried finding

More ways to make me better.

Baking powder for those

Dark underarms

Terrible serums to keep

My hair in place.

Two years passed, and I decided it’s time.

Time to remember, to see

Who you used to be.

I’d like to meet you again, be

Friends, perhaps? There was glory in you

Before the threads pulled you into

Straight lines. You were a part of

Who I used to be, and I have

Changed too much to go back,

I don’t wanna go back.

But maybe you’ll make my life better,

A little snippet from  my past.

I’ll be waiting for you

My eyebrows, and I hope

I’ll be brave enough to

Face the world along

With you.

Girl Meets World: what this 20 year old found appealing.

So, I’ll start with a little intro about this cute ass show.

Boy Meets World was a popular series that aired in the ABC network from 1993-2000 and followed the life of  Corey Matthews and his friends Shawn and Topanga. In Girl Meets World, which aired from 2014-2017, Corey and Topanga are married and we get to follow the life story of their daughter Riley and her best friend Maya. The fun fact is that the same actors who played the roles of kids in Boy Meets World take on their respective roles as adults in Girl Meets World(GMW). And no, I haven’t watched Boy Meets World, but you get to see little snippets from it in GMW.

Diving more into Girl Meets World, Topanga is a very successful lawyer while Corey is the Middle School History teacher of Riley and her friends (he graduates middle school and becomes the high school teacher in season 3).


The show begins at Riley’s bay window which is one of the most important sets that is shown throughout the three seasons. Maya, Riley’s best friend, lives with her single mother and grandmother and is the definition as the “cool kid” in opposition to Riley who is described and portrayed as an adorable, naive, goofball who sees only the good things in the world. They are perfect for each other and keep the other one grounded. Their circle of friends include Farkle, the genius and Lucas, the cute and smart transfer student from Texas (and later Zey and Smackle). Every episode has a life lesson which Corey teaches in class in the form of a historical event or something about the past or just something general. The two things that stays in the mind of someone who has watched the whole show are “People change people” and “Belgium 1831”.

Moving on, as mentioned above, each episode is a life lesson that is extremely relatable and portrays a lot of antics of the American school life that we watched in  TV while we were growing up. As an example, Riley had a crush on Lucas since the first time she saw him. In the end of season 1, she kisses him in the subway. A few episodes into season 2, Maya starts asking her about the kiss and the whole class hears about it. They round up Riley and Lucas separately and ask them what they are now and if they are a couple. Riley and Lucas are unsure  but decide that they have to be a couple. So according to what “couples” normally do, they decide to go on a date and it is the most awkward date ever. They have nothing to say and just sit there all uncomfortable. After the date, continuing the tradition, they hold hands and are super awkward there too. They go to her home holding hands and being uncomfortable and are relieved when it is time to separate. Riley’s mother Topanga sees this awkward hand holding and asks them if this is about the kiss and tells them that they don’t have to be boyfriend-girlfriend just because they kissed. She reminds them how much fun it was for them to hangout when they were friends and nothing had to change just because people told you to. Riley and Lucas, relieved, decide to be friends again and are happy.

This may not sound like a big deal to most of you, but in my place, where you even touch someone else only after being in a relationship with them, it is important for people to know that labels aren’t necessary at all. You have to do what you find comfortable and makes YOU happy.

The most important life lesson, also mentioned as the meaning of life, is People Change People and that makes total sense to me. My best friend who has not watched the show but has heard me gushing about its episodes agree.

I don’t feel embarrassed to say that the show I love the most is a Disney show about life lessons made for teenagers or even younger kids. (LOL that is another life lesson in the show: Don’t try to be someone you are not).

I hope some of you might give this a try or at least ask kids to watch it. Yes there is a lot of boy-girl drama that could possibly have been avoided. But what can you say, it is about life.

I’ll be going now.

Do checkout Tell Me by John Jewel.

Disney series and life lessons

During the winter holidays, when I went home, I started watching the Disney International Channel throughout the whole day. My parents would leave for work and I’d be lying on my couch watching and re-watching these new shows that I had never heard of before. Yes, I was a big fan of the old Disney shows including Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Lizzie Mcguire and the likes and initially I found these new series kinda juvenile (BTW I’m 20 years old). Slowly, probably from watching them so many times I started to really like all the shows. Here I’ll give list in the order that I like them.


Well this is getting very tedious.


There are a few more like Lab Rats, K C Undercover(Starring ZENDAYA), Kickin’ it, etc.  Yeah I’m not a big fan of those.

But as given my favorite is Girl Meets World. Will talk more in the next post.


Saying hello

Hey there

This must be my fourth or fifth blog, as I’ve given up on the ones that I used before. None of them impressed or satisfied me. I recently realised that I have too much to tell people but not a means of communicating them as nothing comes out when I try to speak. I don’t have a strict subject on which I’ll be talking about as it can be anything from horror movies to periods to sex jokes. There is only half an hour left before my class starts so I better get ready.

I’ll be going now.

A photo of my best friend at the beach with too much exposure.